Business Analysis is used to identify the area where there is a need for a change in an organization, and to facilitate that change. This process shall help to identify and define the solutions that will maximize the value to the stakeholders of a business.

This process involves the identification of requirements through the understanding of stakeholders and the business process using various techniques.

Benefits of Business Analysis

  • Reduce operational wastage
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Quality of Your Worklife
  • Harness the power of automation
  • Improve Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Improve Data Availability and Integrity

Our Approach to Business Analysis

General portion of our approach would be to conduct interviews with the stakeholders of the company.

Reviewing and analysis of current documents (forms, SOPs, staff surveys)

This would give us a better overview and understanding of the business process.

Our design is done after thorough analysis, making sure that the solution aligns with the company’s business objective and that it enhances the efficiency of it.
All our solutions are designed to improve productivity, reduce operational cost and improve work-life quality.

Development is the execution of the design. The solution’s design will be reviewed by the solution consultant and thereafter modularized. This is to divide the development work into units, which makes it easier and faster for developers to complete the task.

We will conduct in-house tests to ensure the first level of acceptance of the product to ensure it’s functioning properly. This is to ensure we verify the solution, that is complies with our specification.
Next, we will assist to install the solution on site.
Thereafter, we shall conduct User Acceptance Test with stakeholders, to ensure it’s functioning properly and also that it is functioning correctly. This is to ensure we verify and validate with the stakeholders that the product complies with your requirements.

After we have completed installing the solution that will improve your business, our service does not end there. As our valuable customers, we provide after sales support to you. We also check from time to time, how well the solution has improved your business and its process.

Along which, we will help to enhance your product if there is any need. This is to keep you in trend with the current technological advances, where it may help to lower even more cost or increase productivity and efficiency, and also to allow you to maintain your edge over your competitors.

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The Best Business Analysis Tools.

Our Business Analysts are equipped with the latest Business Analysis tools to aid them during their planning phase.

Our In-House Development Team.

We are the only Business Analysis Company in Singapore who has their own development team. We believe prefer to have full control during the development of your solution.

Our Monitoring and Support.

Portalbeanz has the best post-sales support. We take pride in the solutions we provided your company, and want to ensure that it reaches its full potential.

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